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Hey everyone – welcome back to my page!

Sorry I’ve been a little off the grid lately. Between taking a quick vacation and getting back into the swing of things at work, I feel like I haven’t stopped. I’ve been so excited to make this post since I’ve gotten back & I’m so happy to have finally be working on it. This is a review on our recent trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I hope you all enjoy!

My husband and I (especially Josh) are huge amusement park enthusiasts! There is just something about it that makes you feel like a kid again, and it was definitely a much-needed getaway. When Josh brought up taking a trip to Cedar Point, I was immediately on-board! This post is going to talk about our experience at the park, plus our review of staying at Hotel Breakers, which is the resort right on Cedar Point’s property!

Let’s talk about Hotel Breakers first! It absolutely exceeded my expectations. First of all, the resort itself is gorgeous. In order to get to the resort, you do have to enter the park. No worries about getting in and out though: they will give you a parking pass! Although everything was so convenient that we didn’t feel the need to leave. The drive from the park entrance to the resort is super cool and gives you great views of Lake Erie and close-ups of coasters!

Something so nice about staying at Hotel Breakers is that you are steps away from the shoreline of Lake Erie, Cedar Point, and Cedar Point Shores (the Cedar Point waterpark). Warning: it is expensive compared to other hotels you could stay in, but the convenience was more than worth it for us. 3 nights was between $600-$900, unfortunately I cannot recall what exactly we paid. However, this did include 3 day passes to the park, and 1 hour early entry which we definitely made use of. The rooms aren’t the most spacious, but it’s not like you’ll spend much time there anyway. The decor is super cool though – unfortunately I didn’t think to take pics but here is one I pulled from the website!

The first thing I wanted to do after getting settled was head to the beach! I completely underestimated just how nice it would be and I was so happily surprised. Music was playing and drinks were flowing from the bar so of course we couldn’t resist. Tropical Lake Erie? Give me 10, please! Sooooo good. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out on the beach, swimming in the lake, and eating wings from the onsite TGI Friday’s. Something that I also found really fun is that they do have fun activities on the beach well into the night! Corn-hole, large Jenga games, a band playing, plus a silent disco. I love how there is something for all age groups to enjoy!

Now for the park! Cedar Point is my favorite park. This was my 2nd time visiting, and Josh’s first. For the first day, we bought the fast-pass bands.The heat was strong and the lines were long, so they were 100% more than worth it. I do enjoy most rides, although I do have a bad shoulder so there are some that feel a little too rough for me. Josh will ride any and every coaster so I had him come up with a little review and rating for each one we rode!

  • 5 – Steel Vengeance: Lives up to the hype of being the greatest coaster in the world. Once this coaster gets going, it’s non-stop with element after element. It feels like the ride will never end. Rode in the back seat, and was probably the most enjoyable ride experience I have ever had!
  • 5 – Valravn: The most underrated ride in the park. Rode multiple times in different seats. Found this to be very smooth. This ride is great combination of height, speed, and inversions.
  • 5 – Millennium Force: This ride lived to the legacy that it has. The 300ft drop is intense and the intensity doesn’t stop after that, as it feels like you maintain your 93 mph throughout the ride. Surprisingly super smooth. Rode this at night, in the back seat.
  • 5 – Maverick: Fantastic ride!!!! Multiple launches and that 90 degree, really make this ride. Tight turns and very smooth, it’s very enjoyable throughout.
  • 4 – GateKeeper: Rode this multiple times, both front seat and back seat. My last ride was in the front seat during a rain storm. Actually made the ride a more fun experience. Very smooth ride in front seat. Some other seats seemed to be a little shaky.
  • 4 – Iron Dragon: Rode this at night, gave a nice gentle ride over the water. Was not at all rough. The night ride was definitely a plus.
  • 4 – Raptor: An inverted coaster that has been around for 25 years. Still gives a forceful ride. Some parts of the ride were a bit rough, but did not affect the overall ride experience.
  • 4 – Wicked Twister: Short intense ride, still smooth. Very enjoyable and rode multiple times.
  • 3 – Blue Streak: An old coaster that gave a surprisingly good ride. I didn’t find to be rough like most old wooden coasters. Had good speed and pacing.
  • 3 – Cedar Creek Mine Ride: Again, an old coaster. Rode this a night. Made for probably a more enjoyable experience. Rode in the back seat. Slow scenic ride, with theming in the tunnels. The finale in the helix before the station was a plus.
  • 3 – Corkscrew: Old steel Arrow Dynamics’s coaster. Was not rough as other Arrow coasters that I have ridden. Has a nice two corkscrew inversions on the park’s midway.
  • 3 – Rougarou: A converted B&M stand-up to sit down coaster. Has decent layout, not the longest coaster. I did find this coaster to be rough through out, which did affect my ride experience.
  • 2 – Magnum XL 200: I wanted to like this so much, since it was the first coaster to top 200ft. But I just found this coaster to be extremely jerky through all of its ride elements, that are supposed to be fun. Only rode this once, I am willing to ride again to give it a other chance.
  • 1 – Gemini: Rode only once, in the back row. I did not find the ride enjoyable. It is an older ride, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that rough and jarring.
  • No rating – Top Thrill Dragster: was sadly down during our entire visit. Can’t wait to ride it next time!

As far as the food goes, Cedar Fair parks always tend to have better quality compared to some of the other parks out there. Our favorite restaurant in the park was BackBeatQue – it was so good that we ate there 2 days in a row! At BackBeatQue, you are definitely getting what you’ve paid for.

Another favorite for us was Perkins, which was inside of Hotel Breakers. They had great options for every meal of the day and we were very impressed with the friendly service!

Our Cedar Point experience was a 12/10 and we hated to leave! I am so thankful that Josh and I could have a quick little getaway together for his birthday at one of his bucket list parks. Will we be back? Absolutely. Will we stay at Hotel Breakers next time? I don’t see how we couldn’t since it was so great the first time! If you’re planning an amusement park trip, I hands-down recommend making the trip to Cedar Point. Between riding intense coasters, fun games in the park and on the shore, lounging on the beach – there is definitely something for everyone of all ages to do.
We can’t wait to visit again!

Thanks so much for reading! Do you have a favorite amusement park? Tell me about it in the comments!


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