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It has really been a day.

Today I am frustrated. Stressed. Confused. Overwhelmed. Tired.

I am so jealous of those people who can just shut their minds down and not worry about every little thing. But then again, don’t we all always want what we don’t have?

There are so many things I should be (and am) grateful for. The things that I always thought I wanted and needed to be happy. Yet I always find myself looking back at what I once had.

I’m really rambling tonight.

There is no real purpose to this post except to vent a little.
I just really want to feel good at something for once.
I want to not worry so much.
I would love to quit overthinking and over-analyzing every little thing.

I spend so much of my time alone that it’s made it so easy for me to get stuck in my own head.

It’s so easy to forget that you can’t control everything.
Mistakes happen. Dwelling on the negative only hurts yourself.
I hate feeling like I’m in a constant spiral but here I am.

I’m actually feeling a little better after writing out some of my feelings???
Do I feel like a total downer? Yes. But am I one today? Huge yes.
I am emotionally beat.
I also wish it was acceptable to use emojis in a blog post.

If you’ve actually read this, thanks for being an outlet. I’m super excited for a hot shower and hitting the sheets.
Promise I’ll have a little more pep in the next one.



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