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Hey everyone!
I have a super busy week coming up so I figure I’d sit down and share most of my plans with you. It’s been a long weekend of work and I’m exhausted but I just can’t seem to fall asleep yet, so here I am! While trying to figure out content ideas, I figured this could be a fun one. Welcome to a week in my life!

Monday 9/9

  • Getting an oil change. Being completely honest, I’m that person who puts it off until the last minute (aka when my car tells me that it’s time and I have 5% left. I know, I know – not good to do, it just seems like such a hassle. Today was the day I had the notification, so I made my appointment for tomorrow at 10am.
  • Go to Target/Walmart. I’m going on a trip to Washington at the end of the week and I have a lot of stuff I still need to pick up! Dry shampoo, travel toothpaste, maybe a new outfit at Target… I should start making a list after finishing this post.
  • Pre-write a few posts. While I’m gone, I don’t want to worry about creating content so I’d like to have a post or 2 ready in my drafts! I’m writing this on Sunday night so after finishing this post, I’d like to get at least half of another finished tonight.

Tuesday 9/10

  • Go to work. That’s all there really is to say about that. I don’t do much at home on days that I’m working so maybe I’ll watch a movie when I get home?

Wednesday 9/11

  • Go to the bank and get a few rolls of quarters. In my building, I unfortunately have to pay to do laundry. Annoying, right? Well the pile of laundry has been building up and it’s time to bite the bullet and wash everything.
  • Manicure/pedicure appointment. Self care is the best care, and nothing makes me feel more put together than a fresh mani.
  • Pack! I leave for Washington on Friday morning and I have to work on Thursday, so this will really be the best chance to get most of my things ready.

Thursday 9/12

  • Last day of work for a week! Thursdays are always a pretty busy day, so fingers crossed that I’m not too tired at the end of the night. I’d love to get out on time so I can spend a little time with Josh… here’s to hoping!

Friday 9/13

  • My flight leaves at 8am EST and I should arrive in Seattle around 1:30pm PST. I’m going to visit my best friend and I’m so excited! I get a little anxious doing things out of my norm but I know we’ll have so much fun.
  • I’m not quite sure what we have planned for the rest of Friday. Maybe go to Pike Place Market? We’ll probably do something in Seattle. Here’s a few pics from my last trip in 2016!

Saturday 9/14

  • So this is the only day we have a set plan of what we’re going to do: going to a Post Malone concert! Back in July, my friend texted me and was like Post Malone is kicking off his tour in Tacoma, wanna come? So I booked a flight and now it’s finally here. His new album is awesome and I can’t wait!

I’m not sure what else we’ll be doing during my trip – honestly, it’s going to be nice just to kick back and have a friend to hang out with. I’ll be sure to share in a post once I’m home, but you can follow along on my Instagram page @amandacroaff.

I hope everyone has a great week!



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