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Hey everyone!
A few weeks ago, I wrote about my upcoming trip to Washington. While I was there, my friend and I decided to head down to Portland to try out Voodoo Doughnut. Haven’t heard of it? Voodoo currently has 8 locations: 2 in Portland OR, Eugene OR, 2 in Denver CO, Austin TX, Orlando FL, and Los Angeles CA. “The magic is in the hole.” “It’s worth the weight.” “Good things come in pink boxes.” This place is quirky, unique, and happens to feature over 50 different kinds of doughnuts. I went to the Old Town location… keep on reading to learn about my experience!

The drive from Tacoma WA to Portland was around 2.5 hours. Yes we solely made this trip for the doughnuts. After spending half an hour circling around for parking, we finally made it!

My friend has been to Voodoo before and the last time she was there, there was a line to get inside! Fortunately, luck was on our side and we had a quick wait. The shop itself has such a fun vibe. And the doughnuts… well, let’s let them speak for themselves.

The variety they have is insane! I’m going to be very honest: I’m normally not the biggest doughnut fan. Then again, when I have them they are usually from Dunkin’. I had such a hard time choosing because they all looked delicious. I finally decided on 3, and so my pink box was packed up and I was all set!

The doughnuts I decided on were Portland Cream, Grape Ape, and Viscous Hibiscus. Let me tell you now: they were more than worth the 2.5 hour drive.

Best doughnuts I’ve ever had, 100000%. I think my favorite ended up being the hibiscus, but honestly, they were on pretty equal footing to me. My only regret is not ordering more, but I was flying home the next day and couldn’t really travel with 20 doughnuts. While this was my first time in Portland, I’m sad that I didn’t know about the Austin location sooner! My husband has family in Austin and would’ve loved to try Voodoo out during our last visits. Oh well… there’s always next time! And there definitely will be a next time. Fingers crossed that they open a location in NYC… come on, Voodoo Doughnut – make my dream come true!

If you’re local to a Voodoo Doughnut, or even if you’re not, I definitely recommend making the trip. With so many different flavors, there’s a doughnut for everyone!


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