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Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is right around the corner?! I am usually that person who waits until the last minute to shop for gifts, but I’ve been surprisingly ahead of the game this year! I’ve made a list of 10 favorite gift ideas for women – gifts I’d like to/have received in the past and have given. Choosing gifts for the most important people in your life can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes, so I hope this guide can help!


I personally own an insane amount of candles, but I will always be excited when someone gives me another! My personal favorites are from Bath & Body Works/White Barn. Although they are a bit pricey ($24.50 for a 3 wick), around the holidays you will usually find them on sale. Scents I recommend:
Apple Cardamom Crisp
Blueberry Pie
Cactus Blossom
Island Margarita
Champagne Toast
Cafe au Lait

If you’re not wanting to spend as much, you can find quality candles at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I can’t stop myself from grabbing a few every time I go into those stores.


I really do believe that Kendra Scott has a piece of jewelry for everyone. I was at a loss of what to get for a few people on my Christmas list this year – what I ended up doing was making birthstone bracelets! Kendra Scott does have a section dedicated to birthstone jewelry, however what I ended up doing was going into the customize section and making my own. I’ve been a KS lover for years: what’s not to love about quality jewelry at a decent price point?


This is the gift that keeps on giving! I was actually gifted my Fire Stick for Christmas a few years ago and I still use it every day. It makes switching through your different streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Prime TV) so easy. I also love just turning Spotify on my TV while I’m roaming around my apartment and letting music play.


Blankets, slippers, pjs. Comfort items are gifts that most women will appreciate and can’t get enough of! Comfort items are also a great gift because there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to the price point you’d like to hit. Whether you go to the mall or just head to Walmart, I guarantee that these cozy gifts will be a hit. Here are a few favorite ideas:
Weighted blanket
Cozy socks
Body pillow
Faux fur throw blanket
Sherpa pullover
The Comfy


An absolute necessity for a woman who’s always on the go, or just likes to pack around a lot of stuff (like me). This is another gift that you can hit at any price point, and there are so many different style options! A website I personally love is ABLE. Not only is the quality amazing, but so is the message behind the company. Most (if not all) of their bags are under the $400 mark, which is more than worth it for a bag that’ll last a lifetime. These bags are classic, stylish, and are both still thriving after years of abuse (I am not easy on my bags). These are the 2 I have and love:
Mamuye Tote
Alem Utility Bag


The perfect gift for anyone who loves to read! I recently repurchased this for myself and I am so excited to use it. I love to read but hate lugging around books, and hate trying to read on an iPhone. There are a few different options, but linked here is the one I have.


I’ve ordered 2 Fitbits as gifts this Christmas, and have also given them as gifts in the past. This is perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of their heart rate, fitness goals, or just have a smart watch.


I give and receive Yetis as gifts every year! I pack a bottle of water in my work bag every day, and it will literally stay ice cold all day long. Same with coffee – my husband is a big coffee drinker and it will keep his hot and fresh! At this point, I think I do have almost every version of the Yeti but here are my most used:
30oz Tumbler
10oz Wine Tumbler
18oz Bottle

And this is the one I’ve recently had my eye on:
36oz Bottle in River Green

I personally prefer using the screw tops that come with the bottles so my drinks are leak proof in my bag and just shoving a silicone straw inside, but Yeti does also sell a tumbler straw lid and a bottle straw cap that you could use.


This is a gift you’ll be thankful for as time goes on. It’s so nice to look back and reflect, and to help you realize that life isn’t as bad as it may seem in the moment. Thinking about what you’re thankful for really does make a huge difference on a bad day.


The Echo Dot sets alarms, makes shopping lists, plays music… basically your very own personal assistant! You can also connect to Smart Plugs that will let you schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.


Have a spa day, go to a concert, go on vacation, get a mani/pedi – the options here are endless! Sharing an experience together is such a special gift, and the memories will always be remembered.

I hope this list was able to help give you gift inspiration! are any of these favorite products that you’ve used? What are some of your favorite gifts that you’ve given/received over the holidays? I’d love to read about them in the comments.

Happy Holidays!



    1. I got one for my mom and MIL this year! Also my husband a few years back and he still wears it every day. Super useful gift!


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