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A little over a month ago, I made the decision to take the plunge and purchase something I had been on the fence about for a long time: a Peloton bike. I’m going to get into the specifics on the bike: the purchasing process, getting used to the bike, and ultimately if it’s worth the investment.

I had talked on & off about it for the last year or so, and coincidentally 30 minutes after having that same conversation with my husband, walked past the Peloton store in NYC. “We were just talking about this! Might as well go in and ask a few questions.” After 20 minutes speaking with an associate and going for a quick cup of coffee, we were back in the store purchasing a new bike!

Let’s be honest: Peloton bikes are expensive. After the bike itself, a package including: bike mat, 2 pairs of shoes, weights, and a heart rate monitor, plus the $250 home delivery fee – the cost came out to be around $2800. Keep in mind: this does not include the $39 a month subscription you need to access the classes. It’s a huge investment, and I’m not gonna lie, I did have a ‘wtf am I doing?’ moment as soon as I handed over my debit card, but I ultimately was super excited for my bike to come!

After waiting a few days, my bike arrived! I wasn’t home when it was delivered, so my husband was there to help with the set-up and said it was a quick & easy process. I was so excited to ride when I got home from work that day! And that is when the second ‘wtf did I do?’ moment hit. I’m going to paint a picture for you: I have never cycled in my life. Figuring out the shoes: it took a good 5 minutes. Getting on and off the bike… it took at least 20 minutes to figure out how to successfully clip in both shoes. After finally being able to clip in, I had a huge problem… I was stuck. I couldn’t figure out how to clip out!! With tears of frustration, I demanded my husband to help me. It was a hot mess. After another 15 minutes and scrolling through a few YouTube how-to videos, I finally was off the bike. I was yelling at my husband (I have a temper when things don’t go my way) and was already ready to send the bike back. “Why did I spend almost 3k on an exercise bike when I have no idea how to use it??” Just thinking about this now, I really wish I could add a row of laughing emojis right now. I was frustrated and also tired from my work day, and decided that the best thing for me to do was to try again the next morning once I had cooled down.

At 7am the next day, I woke up feeling quite a bit better and excited for my first class! Clipping in was so much easier this time around (and has been ever since! Practice makes perfect). From there I began my first ride: a 20 minute beginner ride with Hannah Marie Corbin… and I have been hooked ever since.

Long story short: was it worth it? YES.
I felt the need to share my dramatic tantrum because a: looking back now it was pretty funny and b: I’m sure I’m not the only person to have buyer’s remorse. However, any regrets I had in those moments are now completely gone. Many times in my life I have gotten caught up with impatience, instead of taking the time needed to figure out how to get the hang of something new and of course this would be no different.

Here are some facts you need to know if you’re on the fence about purchasing a Peloton:

  • It is expensive. But it’s also a great investment towards your health. When you compare it to going to classes like Soul Cycle, 1 class is $36. 1 month Peloton membership is $39 UNLIMITED a month. This includes a schedule live classes and thousands of on-demand rides. There is also a Peloton app with countless cardio, running, yoga, and strength classes. These are also all included in your membership.
  • Your membership includes multiple accounts. I’m not sure if the same is for Peloton digital (the separate app you can purchase) or just for accounts that are used with Peloton products. I just know that my husband and I have 2 accounts that we pay 1 membership fee for.
  • If you’re unable or just don’t want to put the full payment down, Peloton does offer payment plan options where you pay a small fee a month!
  • It will not take up a lot of space! I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment, and my bike is not at all in the way.
  • You will most likely feel more motivated to exercise when you can see your bike from the couch vs have to walk/drive all the way to the gym. (True for me at least!)
  • Peloton has a huge community! I never feel like I’m working out alone in my apartment thanks to the awesome Peloton community. It’s so motivating and so much fun to find friends and do rides together!

Since I started cycling (I ride every day) and started incorporating a healthier diet, I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my body, energy levels, and overall health: physical and mental. My mental health has been in a much better place since I’ve joined Peloton. There’s something about taking time out of your day to focus on only yourself that feels so good. Plus, endorphins. I feel so motivated every time I get off of the bike; it’s relieving to have a way to just work out your stress and frustrations. As far as physically, I haven’t weighed myself, but I have lost 5 inches so far around my waist and have noticed a difference in how my clothes are fitting me.

If you’re willing and in a position to invest in your health, I 10/10 recommend purchasing a Peloton bike! I look forward to getting on mine every day and have no regrets about my purchase.
My name on the leaderboard is #amandacroaff – hope to see you there!


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